JLA #144

... July 1977

Steve Englehart, writer; Dick Dillin, penciller; Frank McLaughlin, inker; Anthony Tollin, colorist.

The Origin of the Justice League Minus One: Green Arrow discovers that there was an earlier origin for the JLA than he had been told. It involves J'onn J'onzz, the Martian Manhunter, and an invasion by a ruthless dictator from Mars. A vast array of guest heroes show up to help fight these invaders, including the Blackhawks. The Black Knights are teamed with the other Quality Comics' hero making a guest appearance, Plastic Man. The Knights and Plas follow a false trail and, instead of the Martians, actually find Rip Hunter, Time Master, in his original mountain retreat, though they never discover his identity. Neil Hansen points out that this is Dick Dillin's last work with the Blackhawks.

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