El Halcon Negro Issue No. 14

September 1952

"El Halcón Negro", Año 2, Nº14. Published by Editora de Periódicos "La Prensa" of Mexico.

Terror en la Selva ("Terror in the Jungle"), cover story graced by the exquisite Crandall art, like the cover itself. The artist's line is pure and neat here, so one may guess he made the inking as well as the pencilling job. The script, which situates the brave pilots of justice in an atoll of the Pacific ocean, has the Blackhawks fighting the abuses of some depraved white men upon a defenseless native people, whose king -an educated man- had met Blackhawk in a London university, no less      Of course the gallant group triumphs over evil once more, with the aid of a sarong-clad beauty. They part aboard their jet planes, garbling their hymn of victory: "     We are Hawkmen!"

Then, the pièce-de-résistence: a page in which the prototype Blackhawk plane is compared to a Russian "Mig-15": measures, descriptions and pictures (CLICK HERE to see this page, 131 KB). A gem!

Chop-Chop is next, for laughs as usual.

Monstruos de las Profundidades ("Monsters from the Deep") follows, in the "alternate" art style: huge mechanical four-footed monsters emerge from the sea bottom, and the bullets of the Hawkmen are "like pebbles cast upon an invincible giant"      But the ingenuity and courage of Blackhawk finds the solution in page 7, a panel short from the last.

Platillos Suicidas ("Suicidal Saucers"), in which the menace comes from the sky, for a change, closes magazine. The spirit-de-corps among the seven Crusaders of Liberty leads the gallant group to another well-deserved victory      Which makes the reader happy, as usual (those were the Golden Days, remember?).

One of my favorite comic books, I may add.

Editor's Note: compare to Blackhawk No. 54.

Thanks to Carlos M. Federici for providing this issue.

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