I can't say a lot about the Canadian editions of Blackhawk. I have two samples. From those, one thing that is immediately obvious is that the Canadian editions were twenty pages shorter than the U.S. edition. They seem to have made the cut by dropping one Blackhawk story and shorts. They also seem to be printed on cheaper paper, particularly noticable in the covers, and the printing doesn't seem to be quite as good as the U.S. editions. The color registration is poor and the colors generally seem washed out, though this may be due to the poorer grade of paper. There are few changes to the cover from the U.S. edition except to replace the date with "C.D.L. Can. Ed." and to remove the copyright notice under the Quality seal. The publication data on the inside cover states that the books were published by Bell Features and Publishing Company, Limited, 165 York Street, Toronto, Ontario. It also states that this edition was published bi-monthly. Given the reduced page count, this suggests that Canadian Blackhawk fans were getting considerably less to read than their fellow fans to the south. I can't find any publication date anywhere in these two books but I assume they appeared at the same time as or near the time the U.S. editions were printed. Take a look:

Issue #23

Issue #25

Jim Kealy has provide two more issues of Canadian reprints, these of Modern Comics.

Issue #85

Issue #97

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